Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta

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Vision and Objective

BAGA Sports committee (BSC) was formed to foster culture of sports and games activities involving BAGA community members. BSC initiated short term and long-term initiatives to spread awareness and practice physical activities that will promote overall well-being of community members.

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Committee formation and Function

BAGA members who are sports enthusiasts and were a part of at least one BAGA organized sports event in the past, are eligible to be a member of this Sports committee. For the working committee of the club, recommended positions include President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The BSC committee will elect a three member committee who can appoint subcommittees, if needed. The term of the officials will be for two calendar year from January to December. The BOD election committee will organize and execute the election process in order to elect the new Sports committee or conduct the election, if needed with the requirements specied in this document. A member must attend 50% of BSC meetings and BSCorganized events for at least one year to be eligible for a BSC official position. The current officials will be responsible for keeping record of attendance and participation at BSC meetings and BSC-organized events to determine future eligibility. A current sports official must wait at least one membership period before becoming eligible to be nominated to the EC or BOD. The Sports committee shall vest responsibilities amongst its members according to the member’s effectiveness and interest.

Responsibility of the Sports committee

The committee will plan BAGA sports events in every calendar year and will publish the calendar well ahead of time (2 months approximately). The financial planning around the event is BSC’s responsibility and BOD will cover maximum of $500 in the event of loss making events. BSC members are expected to promote sports activities in other EC and BOD organized cultural events as well. One example is promoting the upcoming tournaments and sharing committee updates with community during Durga Puja and other major events.

Working methodology with existing BAGA operation teams

The BOD will continue to have the full governing, administering, and all other fiduciary responsibilities.Financial responsibilities including submitting the tax return, etc. are also BOD’s responsibility. A member of the board will be appointed to act as a liaison between the BSC and BOD. The BOD shall meet with the entire Sports committee at least two times (at the start and at the end of the committee term) in a year. The BOD’s main role shall be to oversee that the main objectives of the committee do not get deviated, and the committee is trully helping to cultivate the members’ ideas and thoughts thru sports events. The BOD should also remind the sports committee to look after the safety and disciplinary issues, and to take proper approval etc. The BOD shall also ensure that the members of BSC are properly recognized for their contribution and services to the organization.

Financial & other Responsibilities of BSC

The Sports committee must look to plan all the sports events as financially self-supportive. BSC should not look for any donation from BAGA committees like EC, or BYC or BOD etc. In the event of earning from an event is excess of expense, the surplus amount will remain with BSC for next year. Each committee will hand over their excess amount to BOD after their two-year term is completed. In the event of loss making events, BSC will look up to BOD for maximum of $500 recovery, beyond which it will be BSC who need to absorb. Each committee can ask for $500 recovery only once in their two-year tenure. BSC will have their own checking accounts. The designated treasurers of the Sports committee will be responsible for thorough financial record keeping and shall report to the BOD after every event and during tax filing. Participants of the sport activities should sign a required waiver for any personal injury liabilities to BAGA. BAGA Umbrella Insurance will be used for indoor events such as Table Tennis and Badminton. BSC will buy/ arrange/obtain required insurance as is necessary for the events. When / if using BAGA existing insurance, BSC will pay for the additional cost that will be required to support their events. While reserving a facility for a BSC event, committee will review the rental agreement to avoid any potential risk to BAGA members and the liability.


Article II in BAGA Bylaws stated as an objective concerning BAGA members:
“Promote leadership and benevolence among BAGA members...”
Also specified in the same Article the following BAGA operating framework as a guideline:
“To promote our young BAGA leaders…with their ideas and thoughts.”
BAGA Sports Club (BSC) has been actively organizing many sports events in last few years. Its team work, sincerity, and dedication are commendable and deserve recognition. Inspired by their enthusiasm Board of Directors (BOD) of BAGA is therefore formally forming the BAGA Sports Club committee within the Article VII framework to fulfill the above-mentioned objective and to provide BSC an official platform to promote their leadership thru sports events and organizing tournaments.

Organize Sports day events will include:

Tournaments Chess (kids, Adults)



Ping Pong (Kids, Adults)

Each of these events will be held in separate day, once a year and will be managed by the Leader of that event. The list of leaders are below

  1. Chess (kids, Adults) - Chandan Dutta (contact : 678 485 3381)

  2. Cards - AnshumanGuin (contact : 678 467 3941)

  3. Badminton - Arindam Chowdhury (contact : 404 641 9004)

  4. Ping Pong - Subhankar Mukherjee (contact : 404 790 5442)

  5. Cricket - Subhankar Nath ( contact : 678-823-5738)

  • All events are open to boys and girls (members and nonmembers)

  • Time, Venue and format of the tournaments will be communicated very soon by the leaders/coordinators

  • Beside the events, there will be practice sessions organized be the group leaders

  • The Lead organizer will announce a venue, fees, format of the tournaments separately for each sport type.

  • We expect the total expense (towards renting the venue, prize, other miscellaneous) will be collected through the participation fees, donations etc.

  • Interested participants should contact the group leaders as mentioned above. Please contact Dipankar Roy (678 469 6041) for any question or concern related to BAGA Sport Club.