BOD 2018 - 2019 Nomination Form Proposed Amendment 16 of BAGA Bylaws
EC Nomination Form for 2018 BAGA Youth Club (BYC) Subcommittee Operational Document
BAGA 501c(3) Approval Final Baga Bylaws
Amendment 15 to the Bylaws 14-Jan-2017 Amendment 14 to the Bylaws 18-Jan-2014
Amendment 13 to the Bylaws 03-Nov-2012 Amendment 12 to the Bylaws 23-Sep-2012
Amendment 9-11 to the Bylaws 14-Sep-2010 Amendment 2-8 to the Bylaws 15-Dec-2008
Amendment 1 to the Bylaws 13-Apr-2002 Original BAGA Bylaws 13-Sep-1999
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