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Youth Committee

BYC, or the BAGA Youth Committee, is the youth organization of BAGA. The group consists of dedicated youth with a passion of helping the community, building good long-term friendships, and trying to explore and preserve their roots and heritage.

The BYC is actively involved in different activities, such as fundraising for BAGA, helping through charitable donations, performing clothes drives, helping with various community efforts such as assisting health fairs and blood drives, and helping soup kitchens for several years. They also assist BAGA with Puja decoration and other cultural activities.

The BYC's main goal is to develop awareness for the youth community by extending the program to middle and high schoolers, as well as creating close friendships among the youth.

Currently, the BYC is inviting all middle and high school students to join the BYC. Please feel free to contact Parent Coordinators. Mrs. Debarati Datta (, Mrs. Adity Dutta (, Mrs. Joyita Deb ( and Mrs. Saswati Mukherjee (


Projeet Mukherjee (Co-President)

Sohawm Sengupta (Co-President)

Adiva Dutta (Co-Secretary)

Madhuria Rudra (Co-Secretary)

Aakriti Majumdar (Co-Treasurer)

Eesha Mukherjee (Co-Treasurer)