Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta

remembering the past, going with the future

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Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta (BAGA) is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) that strives to promote and sustain cultural, charitable, educational, and literary activities on behalf of BAGA in the South Eastern United States. We are a volunteer-run, non-political organization with deep roots in the local Atlanta community. We are part of the Indian-American diaspora and conduct various charitable...more

BAGA Youth Club

BAGA Youth Club consist of dedicated youth with a passion of helping the community building good long term friendship, and trying to explore...more

BAGA Sports Club

BAGA Sports Club was formed to foster culture of sports and games activities involving BAGA community members.....more

Our Sports Sponsor

BAGA Charity

The BAGA Youth Committee participated in a holiday food drive event with Atlanta Union Mission. The team raised money from BAGA members and patrons for turkeys and canned good items. This year a total of $480 was raised...more

BAGA request more participants in cherishing its goal to remember the past glory of Bengal and take the pride ahead during the days to come....more

You can join our mailing list so that we send you updates of the BAGA updates. Your e-mail address will be our classified document and shall not be part with...more